The tild app is available on iOS and Play Store and allows you to take control of your new connected electrical box.

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Who are we ?

CCEI has been a French manufacturer of innovative swimming pool equipment since 1973. Discover all our other solutions on our website.

TILD: your assistant for
an automated
swimming pool

Manage your pool directly from your smartphone

My smart swimming

The Tild solution offers you all the convenience of a smart pool. Thanks to its smartphone application with intuitive settings, you can control your pool directly from your phone so you no longer need to go to the technical room! Directly access your swimming pool data from your smartphone: water temperature, programming lighting and much more.

A smartphone is enough

Control your pool remotely via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection!

Make the management of your pool easier!

Smart management

Tild is a cost-effective and smart way to manage your pool which will save you energy, money and time! Tild takes care of filtration for you based on the water temperature and it will turn your lights on automatically as night falls. Put your feet up and let your assistant manage your pool for you!

Avec Tild, soyez tranquille !

Less constraints

At CCEI, we understand that having a pool comes with its own set of challenges. Between having to regularly set the timer according to the water temperature, going back and forth to the technical room and the thermometer getting stuck in the skimmer, there is not a lot of time left to enjoy your pool.

Peace of mind

With tild, you can get rid of this stress and start to enjoy your pool thanks to filtration adapted to the water temperature all year round, complete control over lighting and data history that can be accessed at any time from your smartphone.

Tild, automate your swimming pool

Thermoregulated filtration

Once you have connected the temperature sensor provided with the control panel to tild, you can say goodbye to filtration calculations! Tild automates the operation of your pump according to the water temperature.

Weekend mode

The tild application has a weekend mode that can be activated and configured via specific settings! At weekends the pool is used more so you can programme longer filtration times and extend lighting times later into the night! Your projectors will turn on automatically on Friday and Saturday according to the pre-defined times!

Automated auxiliary output

The tild control panel is equipped with a programmable auxiliary output for a treatment device or robot with enslavement configuration! Connect one of your devices and manage it via our programmable auxiliary output! Heating, chlorinator, … connect the device of your choice and control it via your smartphone!

Lighting management

Who hasn’t dreamed of their pool lighting up as night falls? With tild, your dream will become a reality! Your projectors will turn on automatically. Choose the preferred colour and intensity of your lighting from your phone!

Application TILD disponible sur iPhone & Android

A French manufacture!

An intuitive application born in Marseille and produced by a French manufacturer! Do you want the best for the management of your swimming pool? Don't wait any longer to do nothing!

A complete electrical box
Intuitive LED control
Illumination at dusk