The tild app is available on iOS and Play Store and allows you to take control of your new connected electrical box.

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Setting up the application

What are the general settings of the equipment?

In the following video tutorial, we detail all the settings of the equipment:


  • Choice of auxiliary
  • Choice of projectors
  • Frost protection mode
  • Wifi connection

How to set up the filtration output?

Follow the following video tutorial to effectively set up the filter pump:


  • Programmed mode
  • Temperature-controlled mode
  • Weekend mode

How to set up the auxiliary output?

Follow the following video tutorial to effectively set up the auxiliary output:


  • Programmed mode
  • Weekend mode

How do I set up the projectors on my application?

For a complete setup of the projectors, you can follow the steps in the following video:


Connection to the Tild with his Smartphone

I've installed my application but i can't link it to the Tild control panel?

It's normal for your first connection, first of all, you have to link your device to the Tild by pressing on the Tild's module button.

After you have pressed, your device will be connected to the Tild immediately.

How many Smartphones can we connect the Tild at the same time?

Using bluetooth, 10 phones can be linked on the Tild. Using Wifi, the devices that can be linked are unlimited. But one of the device can be connected to the Tild's module at the time. If you can't link your device to the Tild , maybe there is already a device connected to it.


Apart from CCEI's colors projectors , can other colors projectors be connected to the Tild control panel ?

Yes, all projectors are compatible with the Tild. You don't need to remplace your projector by CCEI's ones. We only have to change colors by using current micro-power cuts to pass throught colors. Pools standards.

If i don't have my Smartphone with me, could it be possible to control my projectors ?

Yes it is possible, don't panic, if you don't have your phone with you. The Tild control panel is equipped by a 3 positions switch, you only have to position it to the action you want.


Is there any differential breaker in the Tild control panel ?

No, there is no differential breaker in the control panel, but if you wish it,there is an free space where we can install it.

Do i have to buy an anti frost control panel to protect my pipelines ?

No, there is already an anti frost control panel integrated in the Tild's control panel.

Which pumps are compatible ?

10 A max Uniphase pumps are compatible.but if you a threephase model, there is a supplementary control panel that can be added.

I don't have my phone with me but I would like to set up a backwash, how can I do this?

Here again, if you do not have your telephone at hand, you can do this directly on your control panel using the

3-position reversing button on the box.

This video gives you a detailed understanding of how to use the switches on the control panel:


I bought my Tild last year, but there is a new option(fonctionnality) that has been added to the Tild, how do i update my Tild fonctionnalities?

Updates are made online and they are limitless, so even though you bought your Tild control panel last year, if there is a new option,your Tild will be uptodate.

Where can I find the instructions for the tild control panel?

The tild manual is available right here!

Instructions for the tild control panel


Is the auxilliary output enslaved to the filtration?

Yes and No! You can set your auxilliary enslavement in the app or in the control panel.

How to set up the filtration output?

Follow the following video tutorial to effectively set up the filter pump:


  • Mode Programmé
  • Mode thermorégulé
  • Mode week-end


I have level regulation , how do I connect it in the control panel?

To connect your level regulator, you have to use the inputs(MF/IP) available in the control panel.

I am installing my control panel, how do I connect it?

In the following video, we explain how to connect your control panel:


What is the power maximum of projectors can I connect to the control panel?

You can connect your projectors up to 100 Watts.

Do you have any further questions?