The tild app is available on iOS and Play Store and allows you to take control of your new connected electrical box.

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CCEI has been a French manufacturer of innovative swimming pool equipment since 1973. Discover all our other solutions on our website.

Application Tild sur iPhone

Automate your swimming pool

Automate your pool easily with the Tild control panel and its smartphone application. Programme the main functions of your pool directly on your phone.

Tild adjusts the required chlorine production time according to the water temperature. See long-term savings on your energy bill and reduce the wear of your pump at the same time.


Let Tild take care of everything with its automatic mode which can programme filtration times and lighting according to events. Tild adjusts these functions according to the water temperature but also when the sun goes down.
Application Tild
Application Tild
Application Tild
Application Tild

With Tild, you can forget about all the endless filtration calculations. The sensor supplied with your panel adjusts filtration times automatically according to the water temperature. Leave the stress behind and have more time to enjoy your pool.

Smart and intuitive

Smartphone application


With the Tild application, you can simply and intuitively programme your equipment directly from your smartphone. The application can be used with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. With the application you can intuitively control the projectors installed in your pool but also quickly see the water temperature.


Unlimited updates

The device is updated remotely and whenever new features are added to the Tild programme, the user also benefits from them. 

LED ready

Power and control


The control panel is equipped with a transformer. 12V to power the projectors installed in the pool. You can also use it to control your projectors.

Choice of colours (CCEI projectors)

Armed with your smartphone, you can control the colour of your projectors from wherever you happen to be. The Tild application is compatible with CCEI projectors and all other brands. And for those with the latest generation CCEI projectors, you can also control their brightness. 

Illumination at dusk

With your Tild application, you can programme your projectors so they come on automatically at dusk. Sit back and relax, and let Tild do all the thinking for you. Fully automated pool control for maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss. 

Week-end mode

LED weekend mode

For your weekends, you can programme your projectors so they come on automatically on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Extend the lighting times later into the night to get the most out of your pool.

Filtration weekend mode

Once you have enabled the weekend mode, Tild will take care of the filtration for you. Filtration is automatically adjusted according to the water temperature via the sensor provided. Sit back and enjoy your weekends, Tild will take care of the filtration for you by pre-programming longer time periods.

Tild : la solution innovante pour votre piscine

Peace of mind

Your control panel connects to your home Wi-Fi and you can manage your pool at any time from the comfort of your home and check to make sure all your equipment is working properly. With Tild, you can keep an eye on your pool from anywhere. Let Tild do all the hard work so you can sit back and enjoy your swimming pool. 












A process developed 12 years ago and further improved

Filtration requirements vary depending on the water temperature of your pool. That is why, 12 years ago, the CCEI team developed an algorithm that automatically analyses the water temperature every day and then adjusts the scheduled time periods accordingly. This extends the lifespan of your filtration pump and reduces your electricity consumption.

With Tild, thermoregulated filtration goes hand in hand with energy and cost savings. Tild takes care of filtration all year round and adjusts it according to the temperature of your pool. Indeed, filtration requirements are not the same in winter as they are at the height of summer.

That is why Tild analyses the water temperature every day and adjusts the scheduled times using our algorithm. 

L'esprit tranquil avec Tild
Tild, la solution pour gérer sa piscine depuis son smartphone

Less time in the technical room

With the Tild application installed on your smartphone, you can access your pool’s data, such as the water temperature, lighting on and off times and much more. So many features directly accessible from your phone so you can avoid endless trips to your technical room.

A complete, ready-to-install control panel

Pre-equipped and pre-wired filtration control panel

So that you don’t get a headache during installation, we are able to offer you a pre-equipped and pre-wired filtration control panel. The control panel is supplied with its smart Tild module as well as a temperature sensor. This allows you to access all of the information on your smartphone.

The control is pre-equipped with a D-Curve circuit breaker so it can power and protect the heat pump. Result: one less control panel to install.

Tild - Coffret Electrique

Connections indicated in the control panel

We know that connection can be a complicated process, so we have indicated where the connections need to be made directly on the control panel. This saves time and avoids mistakes.