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Who are we ?

CCEI has been a French manufacturer of innovative swimming pool equipment since 1973. Discover all our other solutions on our website.


CCEI, manufacturer of innovative swimming pool equipment

Swimming pool specialist since 1973

By your side since 1973

Since 1973, we have been designing and manufacturing electrical equipment for private and public swimming pools. Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience in the swimming pool sector and its specific constraints.

We started out manufacturing electrical boxes and then expanded our expertise to different fields, including automatic water treatment and pool lighting.

CCEI : A vos côtés depuis 1973
Tild : votre assistant pour une piscineautomatisée

Our team has grown and now has skills in electronics, optics and electrochemistry. With this knowledge, we are able to provide global, customised solutions to meet the needs of swimming pool builders and industries with the aim of improving the safety, ergonomics and reliability of swimming pool facilities

CCEI, for smart swimming pools

At CCEI, we are specialised in 3 main areas: automation, LED lighting and water treatment.


LED lighting

LED lighting

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Over the last few years, we have focused on developing smart electronic solutions designed to intuitively manage more and more functions (filtration adapted to the water temperature, for example, or automatic turning on of projectors at nightfall).

Specialist in swimming pool automation

Automation is CCEI’s original activity and we are now considered to be one the experts in this field. Automation involves creating solutions which allow you to automate as many of the pool’s essential functions as possible, such as filtration management, cleaning robot, etc.

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International company

Since its creation in 1973, CCEI has expanded and developed around the world. We now export to more than 40 countries around the world. Over the years, many subsidiaries have been established and now they each have one or more production units as well as a sales team.

  • CCEI Romania: since 2004
  • CCEI Africa: since 2014
  • CCEI Canada: since 2014
  • CCEI USA: since 2018
  • CCEI Spain: since 2019

This internationalisation has given us an overall view of the swimming pool market throughout the world. We adapt our products according to the demands of the different countries and we have several modern and efficient production sites (France, Romania, Canada, Morocco) that produce several tens of thousands of devices every year that are strictly controlled and fully compliant with European standards and directives

Driven by innovation

Innovation, the very DNA of our company.

Every year, we build on our experience of the swimming pool market to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of swimming pool builders and users. Our imagination is stimulated by ideas put forward by our sales representatives or customers who have a problem that needs solving.

Over the last few years, we have created and patented various innovative systems and several of our devices that use innovations have been recognised by the profession.


In addition to creating new products, every year we review and improve our existing devices by incorporating new technologies to make our products more reliable, more economical and more efficient. These innovations can only be achieved thanks to our R & D team and their range of expertise which includes: electronics, mechanics, electrochemistry, design, ioT, etc.